Mould Assessment for Fast Food Restaurant, Ottawa, ON


3 months




A sewage release occurred in the basement of a Fast Food Restaurant located in Ottawa, Ontario. The cast iron piping at the main sewage cleanout within the basement had failed and raw sewage from the municipal sewage system flowed into the basement of the site. The owner of the restaurant contacted a local plumber who attended the site and replaced the damaged portion of the cast iron pipe with a portion of ABS piping which was connected to the existing piping using FerncoTM couplers at each end. A Restoration Services company completed remediation of the site which included removing the drywall in the basement and pressure washing the concrete floors and walls with antibacterial chemicals.

Approach & Methodology

Concentric personnel conducted a visual site inspection of the area where the sewage release occurred to determine the cause and origin of the sewage release. Concentric completed post remedial testing with respect to surface bacteria related to the sewage release within the basement area of the Fast Food Restaurant. The objective of the post remedial sampling was to assess if adequate remediation was achieved at the site. To achieve this objective, Concentric’s scope of work involved a visual site inspection and surface bacteria swab sampling.

Key Challenges

Concentric was required to complete the site investigation promptly after notice and to determine the cause and origin in a timely matter to minimize disturbance to the business. Concentric had to avoid cross-contamination from the contaminated basement to the un-impacted areas of the restaurant.

Key Personnel

Project Director: Allan Murray, P. Eng.
Project Manager: Bob Hoad, C.Tech. CMI
Field Investigator: Paul Park, CET


Indoor Air Quality

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