Multi-Site Fertilizer Building Safety Upgrades


4 months




Concentric was retained to undertake an assessment of thirteen (13) of their fertilizer facilities within Saskatchewan and Alberta. The purpose of the assessment was to identify and report on all structural and safety issues that pertained to their access platforms, catwalks, guardrails, access ladders, and stairs within their fertilizer buildings.

Approach & Methodology

Prior to arriving at each of the sites, Concentric undertook a review of the previous safety assessment that had been completed at the facilities. By undertaking this review, it allowed Concentric to familiarize our staff with the facility and achieve a greater understanding of the past issues and extent of elements to be inspected.

As with all our assessment projects, we believe discussions with current maintenance personnel is essential to developing a historical understanding of the previous issues and concerns from an operational perspective. Therefore as part of this assignment, a brief meeting with internal staff was conducted to not only better understand their concerns, but also their longer term needs and programs.

Upon completion of the interviews, the visual assessment of the buildings was completed. The visual assessment included the recording of all areas of concern and photographing for inclusion within the report. The onsite part of the assessment was also used to measure the existing structural components such that preliminary structural checks of the framing members could be analyzed for adequacy.

Upon submission of our report, the project proceeded to the design phase where we were asked to provide engineering solutions to concerns that were identified in our reports.

Key Challenges

One of the key challenges on the design phase was trying to reinforce the existing structure in situ where possible to minimize disruption to the daily activities at the facility. In addition, this approach helped to minimize the financial impact to the client.

Key Personnel

Project Director: Allan Murray, P.Eng.
Senior Project Manager: Andrew Ross, P. Eng.
Engineer: Dustin Gravelle, P. Eng.
AutoCAD Designer: Luc Cochet, M.Tech.


Engineering Design

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