About Concentric

We are an Engineering Consultancy that values client satisfaction

Concentric was formed in 2004 by founding partners Robert Arthur Hoad, Paul Stuart Matergio, and Allan Dugald Murray. Their philosophy was, and continues to be, the development of a consultancy that is geographically diverse, offers a unique client experience, and immerses employees in a unique company culture.

Company Growth

Since 2004, Concentric has grown to 7 offices across Canada, including locations in Ottawa, London, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Toronto, Coquitlam and Iqaluit. With a staff of over 40 professionals, we work across disciplines in the areas of Buildings & Infrastructure, Agribusiness, and Environmental. Ours is a stable, generational company that continues to grow and looks to the future with clarity of purpose.  As such, we continue to consider and evaluate opportunities for sustainable growth and expansion.

Building Strong Relationships

At Concentric, we value customer satisfaction. That is why we are committed to bringing our best knowledge and expertise to every job that we do. Our focused team of professionals consistently delivers on challenging assignments and is deeply invested in fostering strong, long-term relationships with clients in the communities in which we operate.


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