Concentric’s diverse team of environmental specialists has the expertise and versatility to tackle challenging assignments in any location, from complex urban settings to the most remote parts of Canada. We work with our clients and stakeholders to provide real world, sustainable solutions that ameliorate risks to society and the biosphere. From healthcare to agriculture, Concentric works across geographic and regulatory boundaries throughout Canada.


The built infrastructure – the physical basis for a functioning society whether it’s industry, transportation, manufacturing, processing, housing, institutions or agricultural – all can have an impact on the quality of the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, and our general health and safety. Concentric provides expertise on a wide range of environmental assessment and monitoring services specific to built environments. We are uniquely holistic, yet flexible in our approach. Depending on the type of facility, we can augment our environmental analyses with other system specialists, or incorporate a review of manufacturing processes and associated environmental health and safety issues. Our facility environment areas of specialty include:

  • Inspections and verification sampling for hazardous materials identification
  • Management plans for asbestos and hazardous materials
  • Indoor air quality, lighting and noise assessment
  • Mould assessment, abatement, and prevention strategies
  • Specifications, abatement supervision, air monitoring, and post-abatement testing
  • Legionella testing and management plans
  • Infection control monitoring
  • Assessment of HVAC and Dust Collection Systems
  • Process flow, tracking, quantification and reporting for industrial pollutant

Compliance Management Services

Concentric’s compliance specialists integrate our geo-environmental and infra-environmental technical expertise to manage your environmental compliance needs.  Well-versed in the environmental and occupational health and safety regulatory framework across Canada, Concentric’s compliance specialists will facilitate appropriate environmental reporting, preparation and review of permit applications, communicate with regulatory bodies and undertake community and stakeholder engagement as required.  Our compliance management areas of specialty include:

  • Facility Monitoring, Quantification and Annual Reporting
  • Contaminated Site Assessment and Clean-Up
  • Occupational/Environmental Health and Safety compliance – designated and hazardous substances
  • Environmental Approvals/Permitting – air, land, water, waste


Concentric Geoscience provides geo-environmental expertise for real property assessment, landfills, permafrost environments, spills & tanks and applied geoscience projects. Visit concentricgeo.com for further details.

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