401 to 408 Stratas Court, Ottawa, Ontario


6 months

$3 million



Concentric was retained as Prime Design Consultant to provide engineering consulting services with respect to a building fire at an 8-unit multi-plex in Ottawa, ON.

Approach & Methodology

Concentric conducted a preliminary assessment of the site to review the extent of damage to the building. Concentric conducted several follow-up inspections to assess aspects of the building damage from construction lift and to review safety issues with respect to limited site access. As well, as Prime Design Consultant, Concentric also provided the following services:
 Mandatory municipal approvals, liaison with authorities having jurisdiction
 Review regulations, statutes and codes
 Coordination and direction of sub consultants (Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Site and Services)
 Schematic design, design development, design development review
 Prepare construction documents
 Design document review
 Contract administration as required during construction and construction review
 Confirm substantial performance
 Issue letter of completion to the City of Ottawa and warranty review

Key Challenges

Since the building did not meet the requirements of Part 9 of the Ontario Building Code (OBC), we redesigned the building to the nearest building classification in Part 3 (i.e. storey combustible construction sprinkled). Given the requirements to design the building to Part 3 of the OBC and maintaining unit sizes and overall configuration to the pre-loss condition, we encountered numerous design challenges. In addition, the building structure had to be designed to Part 4 of the OBC(structural design), which included more stringent requirements for seismic resistance.

Key Personnel

Project Director: Allan Murray, P. Eng.
Sr. Project Manager: Paul Matergio, CET 
Sr. Engineer: Andrew Ross, P. Eng.


Project Management Structural Design

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