Building Envelope and Energy Upgrades


3 years

$2 million



Concentric was retained to conduct a Building Condition Assessment and Reserve Fund Study of two properties located in Hamilton, Ontario. The adjoining sites comprised two ten storey residential high-rise buildings complete with asphalt surface parking and landscaping.

Approach & Methodology

The assignment involved a multi-disciplinary on-site assessment of all major building systems, followed by life cycle analysis and capital cost forecasting over a thirty (30) year horizon. The main concerns of the building management team were:
Water leakage through the exterior wall assembly.
Condition of concrete balcony slabs and shear walls.
Energy use.
Water leakage was identified to be a discontinuity problem associated with both the original design detailing, and construction/workmanship. Brick masonry veneer was experiencing cracking and deterioration. The concrete issues were determined to be progressive but still at a stage where localized repair was viable. Baseline energy use was established and several conservation upgrades were identified. Over the course of the study, several options were developed for implementation. It was decided that a three-year phased program was the preferred alternative. Included in the program were building envelope upgrades involving supplementary insulation and prefinished metal cladding, localized concrete element repairs, and boiler replacements. The existing boiler system was replaced and the system redesigned; we were able to replace the existing mid-efficiency boilers with fewer high-efficiency units. Concentric applied for government incentives on behalf of the condominium corporations for the boiler upgrade work; these were approximately $50,000 in total.

Key Challenges

Undertaking a multidisciplinary, multi year project in an occupied building with a tenant deficit.

Key Personnel

Project Director: Allan Murray, P. Eng. 
Sr. Project Manager: Paul Matergio, CET
Sr. Engineer: Andrew Ross, P. Eng.


Building Condition Assessment Energy Upgrades

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