Heating Oil Release Assessment & Remediation, Hawkesbury, ON


16 months




Concentric was retained by an insurance company to provide environmental consulting services for an extensive heating oil release in Hawkesbury, Ontario.

Approach & Methodology

The heating oil release occurred within the basement of the residence. The residence was situated within 100 metres of the Ottawa River. Concentric responded to the call and worked with the restoration contractor to devise an emergency remedial action plan. The most pressing issue was controlling and diverting heating-oil impacted sump water which, if pumped, was likely to discharge to the Ottawa River. As part of the ensuing assessment activities, Concentric assessed the site drainage configuration using a CCTV contractor, undertook a subsurface investigation involving the completion of numerous boreholes/monitoring wells and directed the restoration contractor to implement a ground/surface water capture and treatment system. Upon successful delineation of contaminant impact, Concentric reviewed all remedial options with all stakeholders and developed an agreed-upon remedial action plan. Concentric provided consulting services throughout the implementation of the remedial action plan, which involved demolition of the site residence. Post remediation activities involved confirmatory soil sampling and groundwater monitoring.

Key Challenges

• Seasonal issues associated with spring melt and associated surface and groundwater flux
• Proximity to the Ottawa River and associated site sensitivity

Key Personnel

Project Director: Allan Murray, P.Eng.
Project Manager: Eric Shilts, P.Geo (limited)
Field Investigator: Andrea Bulanda, P.Eng., M.Sc.Eng.


Environmental Site Assessment Remediation

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