Residential Fuel Oil Spill, Martintown, ON


9 months




Concentric was assigned to the insurance claim and was requested to delineate the extent of impacts to soil and groundwater from a fuel oil release due to an improper fitting in the fuel line located adjacent to the furnace in the residence basement. Odours and a small amount of oil were noted surrounding the fitting and the release was reported by the insured shortly thereafter. Concentric was also required to provide recommendations for the remediation of the site to comply with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) order.

Approach & Methodology

Concentric conducted an initial inspection of the subject property to help aid in the development of a preliminary Conceptual Site Model (CSM). Based on the CSM:
• Excavated impacted soils in the vicinity of the release (source area) in the basement for offsite disposal;
• Advanced eight boreholes and completed six of those boreholes as monitoring wells to delineate fuel oil impacts in the soil and groundwater beneath the site;
• Inspected and sampled the residential water supply for signs of fuel oil impacts;
• Continued the remedial excavation in the basement and underneath the north-eastern portion of the northeast wall of the residence from both the interior and exterior of the residence;
• Excavated all impacted soils for off-site disposal, including the collection of guidance soil samples to direct the excavation and verification soil samples for laboratory analysis;
• Backfilled the excavated area with clean imported fill; and,
• Sampled groundwater from all onsite monitoring wells and the water supply well periodically to assess groundwater quality.

Key Challenges

The remedial excavation was advanced in sections surrounding and beneath the northeast portion of the northeast wall of the residence in order to minimize the required shoring to remove all fuel oil impacted material. This increased the length of time to complete the remedial activities; however, it significantly reduced overall costs to the project and inconvenience to the homeowners.

Key Personnel

Project Director: Eric Shilts, P. Geo. (limited)
Project Manager: Bob Hoad, C.Tech., CMI 
Field Investigator: Grant Barker, B.Sc., GIT


Environmental Site Investigation Remedial Action

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