Winnipeg Building Envelope Assessment and Rehabilitation


2 years




A large prefinished aluminum panel detached from the federal laboratory building during high winds, prompting an investigation into the adequacy of the cladding system, and subsequently, the overall adequacy of the exterior wall assembly. Concentric represented the interests of Public Works, and their client, Health Canada, in developing a practical long-term solution to the premature failure of the building envelope.

Approach & Methodology

Work included invasive investigation, assessment, reporting, risk assessment, design and construction of protective measures, preparation of design and tender documents, tendering, and contract award. The construction involved complete panel removal, upgrades to the building envelope, strengthening of the fastening system, and panel reinstatement. Concentric provided a full range of project management services from initial assessment to full time site inspection and project coordination.

Key Challenges

Project challenges included a large number of stakeholders, site protection, project management around a very high security building with tenant sensitivities, and deviations in existing conditions as the construction progressed, requiring rapid decision making and constant adjustment in the field.

Key Personnel

Project Director: Allan Murray, P.Eng.
Project Manager: Paul Matergio, C.E.T.
Project Engineer: Andy Ross, P. Eng.



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